UltraViews is a Traffic exchange, We help people get more safe free traffic to their sites and we try our best to make sure all views sent are seen as real unlike some other traffic exchange's

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Core Features

Features that will help keep views safe and users happy

View time

You can set anything from 50 seconds to 20 minutes for your URL.

Unique IP

We do not let the same IP view the same URL for how ever long you want.


We let you set any Referrer you want or we can ramdomly set a referrer for you.

Free Likes and Subscribers

Our windows viewer is set to auto give out likes and Subscribers for free as long as we have users that are running the windows viewer with a youtube account logged in.

Windows viewer

We have a viewer that you can run in windows to make more credits.


Once a day we run a lottery and pick one winner to win Ultra Credits, The more views sent out that day the more credits the winner will get. Paid users automation get 1 free Ticket a day

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