What is UltraViews for?

UltraViews is a Traffic Exchange and it is used to exchange traffic between sites.

What is the app Viewer?

The UltraViews App viewer runs on Windows os Only. It is what our users run to send views to the sites added into the system the app viewer gives out Custom Referrer, Custom Keywords, YouTube Likes,Subscribers and Comments

What is the Web Viewer?

The UltraViews Web viewer runs on any Web browser. It is what our users run to send views to the sites added into the system.

What are Slots?

If you want to add video you need to have slots free. To get slots you have to run any of the 2 viewers or buy them.

What are UC?

UC = UltraCredits is a currency used by UltraViews. to get UC you need to run a viewer or you can buy UC from another user.

IP Rules

Google,Amazon and Proxies are banned from using any of the viewers as the traffic they provide is not good.

Countries that are banned from running the viewers are: PH,RU,VN,XX,IO,A1

Why does the Web viewer say "same ip block"?

To keep views safe we do a Unique view block to stop same IP's from watching the same video and the web viewer checks 10-15 times to find a video you have not watched yet and if it can't find a video it shows you the "same ip block"

Why does the App viewer block other TE's?

The app viewer will block other TE programs from running at the same time we do this to stop users from damaging ours and other TE's

Does the Web viewer block other TE's?

We can't do a lot with the Web viewer but we have added some things to try stop users from using our viewer at the same time as other TE viewers