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UltraViews is a Traffic exchange, We help people get safer free traffic to their sites and we try our best to make sure all views sent are seen as real unlike some other traffic exchange's

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ultraviews FEATURES

Our Features will help keep views HQ and users happy.

View Time

We offer 50 seconds to 20 minutes View time.

Unique IP System

Unlike other TEs we use a Unique IP System that lets you stop the same IP from viewing your Campaign for however long you want.

HTTP Referrer

We offer a random Referrer harder for every view sent to your Campaign.

YT likes & Subscribers

We give out free Likes and Subscribers to any users running our windows Viewer as long as you have logged into a youtube account.


We have 2 Viewers to pick from one is a windows program and the other is a browser-based viewer that runs in chrome or firefox.

Daily Bonus

We offer free credits everyday as long as you send out 10 views a day using one of our viewers.


We have a Lottery that runs every day so users can try to win more credits.

Viewer Sessions

Keep a eye on all the viewers you have running with our Viewer Sessions page.

Credits Transfer

Transfer credits to another user.

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