Term Of Service - ultraviews.net

1) Anyone trying to cheat or bot UV will be instantly ban
2) We DON'T provide any refund if you buy something on our website or on our shop at slut.io
3) We are not responsible of your differents accounts on external websites (videos plateform, ad publisher....)
4) We are not responsible of the links you add to our TE
5) We respect your privacy so your passwords are strongly crypted on our database
6) We will NEVER sell or give your personnal informations to a tier
7) You'll be ban if you run another TE than UltraViews on your IP
8) We can delete any account at our discretion if we suspect something fishy
9) You allow the usage of cookies to track your activity on this website

Last changes : 21/04/2016
By accepting this TOS now you accept that we can change this TOS in the futur at our entire discretion